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  1. YOSEMITE ZONE NOT INSTALING, FREEZING BOOT FROM FLASH OR FULL SCREEN MESSAGE i tried installing yosemite zone on my laptop but first it wouldn't boot so i had to use the haswell max mem tag then during the boot from flash when i finally got to the hackintosh zone logo, it loaded till about the "c" on the logo and freezes then a spiral would appear on the top left and it just sat there. the next issue is similar to before but instead of a spiral the screen would totally freeze and a large error message with <panic> would appear and again it would crash like before. my specs are: i7-4900mq nvidia 740m~2gb intel HD graphics 4600 ~ 4gb 8gb ram 1tb hdd windows 10 thanks for any help you may give. im a bit of a noob at mac os but wanna give it a try.