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  1. Cannot boot without cpus=1 with dual processors Z820 Hello everyone, I have been doing hakintosh for half a year now and i was successful installing mavericks and yosemite through hakintosh zone. I have only managed to get it to work with chameleon boot loader. I installed ysomeite on HP Z420 with single processor 8 core and 4 core e5-2600 and e5-1600 series. No issues at all, i just need to add npci=0x3000 and that is it. everything is working through chameleon. Now i got an issue running Yosemite 10.10.1 on an HP Z820 that has a motherboard with two processor sockets. Initially, i had one processor installed e5-2670 8 core processor and Nvidia quadro k600 graphics card. I installed Yosemite the normally way and everything is working fine. Then i installed the second processor and tried to boot. It won't boot. I get to the hakintosh logo an it hangs and it says debugger is not configured: hanging. Then i tried to added cpus=1 an it started but got stuck at a white screen after hakintosh logo disappearing. Then i put cpus=1 -x and it booted to desktop but as expected, no use of it as it is single core and with -x. So there are two issues: 1- i cannot get rid of the cpus=1 flag 2- problem with graphics card that does not work except with -x and works very poorly (maybe as expected). So i am looking for support on this issue. Much appreciated. Thanks.