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  1. reboot after start reading

    i tryed to boot without graphic card, using the the hd 4600. The problem continues i can't boot it restart all the time when load the kexts... Could be my motherboard the cause of the insue?
  2. reboot after start reading

    i used the commands and now i get another error.... i got a photo Thanks for your help
  3. reboot after start reading

    Hell i'm new with Niresh, so i tryied to install it but my pc reboot everytime that i start the bootloader... i have searched on the internet and i found out that the cause could be my bios because it don't have power management... How it is possible to find a bios to fix my problem? My configuration: Asrock h81m-itx, i5 4570 (haswell), amd radeon 7870... Note i tryed to boot without graphic card and i've used many comands nothing worked i got a video showing my problem :