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  1. No Mouse At Install 10.8.5

    Woo, you are really fast I´ll tried it on boot of the install, i dont think it because they are ps2. Thanks Editing: I see the clover options and i supose this option is on and no wake up the mouse. Now i´m reading at http://clover-wiki.zetam.org about info, but is friday and my girlfriend is waiting . I can fight on it or 'simply' try to change the boot loader. Next week i continous the job and tell you about. Of course, anyway i´m very grateful for the help about it
  2. No Mouse At Install 10.8.5

    Hi I tried to install Nireshs 10.8.2 (ISO) from DVD and worked fine (some problems about kexts on graphics and not always one kernel panic -always the same-, but no problem, working on it). I dont want a fish, i want lo learn fishing. Now i want to install 10.8.5 from USB, all downloaded from here. USB boots ok and go to the end of the install fine (removing some kexts on installation like sound, graphics and ethernet)... OK, whats the problem!?? ... on the installation from USB i cant move the mouse and the keyboard is not at all compatible when on the 10.8.2 they were working fine. oh, they are ps2. How can i do about it? Which is the driver file and how i mut to charge it on boot? Thanks a lot PD:sorry for my poor poor english