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  1. MSI Radeon 7850 Kexts not working.

    And the GFX Card? what should i do?
  2. MSI Radeon 7850 Kexts not working.

    Realtek ALC892 Audio Codec
  3. MSI Radeon 7850 Kexts not working.

    Okay, but i reinstalled to Mavericks and then i installed the Kexts. Some times it's working but 80% it's not :/ I have an error i can only send in email because i got no usb cable :/ And my Sound is making some cracking sound... Any Suggestion to fix these problems?
  4. Hey I got installed Niresh Mountain Lion On My Pc GrapicsEnabler NO . Then I tryed installing kexts but when i am rebootet showed me the MAC logo and loaded then a white or black screen waited me. I goed in safe mode and restored the original kexts because i made some beckup from the original. I GOT an MSI Radeon 7850 1GB GDDR5 OC Edition Can Somebody send me some Send some modified kexts because i am not so pro to edit some like this Thanks Anyway VENDORID: 1002 DEVICEID: 6819 My PC: AMD A10-6800k 2x4gb Kingston HyperX RAM 60 GB SSD + 1tb HDD MSI Radeon 7850 1GB OC Edition OP: Mountain Lion Only! NeÌvtelen.tiff