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  1. IOBluetoothHCIController error when Audio is enabled in Yosemite Zone with VirtualBox I don't quite know what to do here. I manage to install Yosemite Zone (following this tutorial) in my Windows 8.1 PC and it works ok except for the audio, when I try to boot with the default audio settings the virtual machine hangs with the message in the attached image (IOBluetoothHCIController) Those settings are: Host Audio Driver: Windows Direct Sound Audio Controller: Intel HD audio When I disable or change the Audio Controller to another IAC 97 or SoundBlaster 1,the Machine starts but there's no audio devices inside "system preferences > sound", and I don't really need "to hear" what happens in virtualbox, but I need the system to think there's some kind of audio output available, because I need to open a program that doesn't open without an audio device connected. Thanks