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  1. Both MultiBeast (Yosemite version) and Macpois0n (Yosemite) are able to install new FakeSMC.kext and plugins. However, when the computer reboots, it shows in the log that "FakeSMC version 4.2.0 has been loaded" and refuse to load the new version (6.11) kext. The FakeSMC kext in /S/L/E changed to the new version as well. Any one have a solution? Thanks - ASUS K53SV - CPU ( Intel Core i3 2310M SandyBridge 2,1 Ghz) - On-board graphic card HD3000 worked - Discrete graphic card GT540M - disabled - Wlan (Atheros AR9285) - worked with editting DSDT - Ethernet (Realtek RTL8188) - worked with MacPois0n kext - Audio Card (Chipset Realtek alc296 ) worked with MacPois0n ALC296VB-3 patch
  2. Asus K53SV AsusBookPro

    I did remove the Null* kext. Anyway, the problem is solved. I only change the bootloader from Clover to Chameleon. Works perfectly. Thank you very much.
  3. Asus K53SV AsusBookPro

    Still the same pro. Is that fine if I use the Patched_RTC_10.7 kext from myHack? I guest the system wont wake because of this kext. Do I have to patch the FakeSMC? I see the patched version of this while using EDP program from OSXladitude
  4. Asus K53SV AsusBookPro

    I am using the multibeast AIPM patched kext. However I tried the kext from your link. It sleeps and wakes properly the first time but can not wake on the second time. Are the two kext different? I did patch the DSDT, SSDT and LPC, HPET, and RTC are loaded. I did rollback on ACPI Platform too (from Multibeast). Is it weird?
  5. Asus K53SV AsusBookPro

    I am using AppleIntelCPUPM. It sometimes work and sometime dont. It dont work whenever I plug a USB mouse (showing an Pmset -g assertions about USB). Any ideas?
  6. Asus K53SV AsusBookPro

    Do sleep work? Can you upload the kexts and DSDT, SSDT? Do you use Clover UEFI or legacy? Mine is K53SV too, and sleep sometimes works some time does not. :|