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  1. Hi! There's no AUTO mode in Init Display First, there are 3 options: PCI, OnBoard, PEG (tried them all, not working). HPET is disabled now, still nothing sadly. But thanks for the help, i hope we'll be able to solve this. No, i can't get to the OSX installer, i reach the darwin interface, type the flags (tried a lot of them), now i'm using: amd64 -v, it tries to load and then black screen I've recorded the process on video so the last lines i get before the black screen is: ACPI Table not found DSDT.ami ACPI Table not found SSDT.amiNot an Intel platform. Restart fix is not applied !!! LoadDrivers [...Extensions.mkext] Read HFS+ [...Extensions.mkext] 4096 bytes Read HFS+ [...Extensions.mkext] 15174552 bytes and then boom, black screen
  2. Thanks for the advice, everything is set as you suggested, still pitch black screen, GraphicsEnabler=No didn't help either
  3. I'll try, but the motherboards are nowhere near eachother, i don't think i'll manage to get it working with these settings
  4. Hi! Here you go: Advenced BIOS Features section: -Load Line Control: Auto -AMD C6 Support: Disabled -Virtualization: Enabled -AMD k8 Cool&Quiet: disabled -C-state Pmin: Auto -EFI CD/DVD Boot Option: NON-EFI -First Boot Device: USB-FDD -HDD SMART: Disabled -Away Mode: Disabled -FullScreen LOGO: Enabled -Init display first: PEG(PCI, not onchip) Integrated Peripherals section: -OnChip SATA: Enabled -OnChip SATA Type: AHCI -Onboard LAN: enabled-Onboard LAN bootrom: disabled -(blablabla, audio, usb3.0,usb legacy,usb storage,usb controllers enabled) Power Management Setup Section: -Soft-Off by Power button: Instant-Off -USB Wake Up from S3: Enabled -Modem Ring Resume: Disabled -PME Event Wake Up: enabled -HPET Support: enabled -power on by mouse: disabled -power on by keyboard: disabled -AC back function: soft-off -Power-On by Alarm: disabled -ErP Support: disabled
  5. Hi! I've tried installing 10.9.0 on my PC, these are my specs: Motherboard: Gigabyte A75M-DS2 CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 641 (Socket FM1) VGA: AMD Radeon HD7770 RAM: 4GB 1300Mhz(~) HDD: 750GB Samsung SATA BIOS config: AHCI enabled, HPET enabled(no 64bit option, just enable/disable) Successfully reached Niresh start screen, tried these boot flags: amd -v | Returns: RTC: Only single RAM bank (128 bytes), then: SMC: smcinithelper ERROR, then: panic [...] Kernel trap at [...] amdfx -v | Returns: SMC: successfully init, then: warning: invalid kernel ip, won't attempt to handle trap, then: panic [...] Kernel trap at [...] amd64 -v | Returns: 1024x768px blank black screen Then i've tried applying one more bootflag: cpus=1 (Niresh suggested for someone else) Nothing changed, everything stuck at the same point amd -v & amdfx -v > Last line of code where stuck: System uptime in nanoseconds I've attached how it looks like, First image with amdfx -v | Second image with amd -v Please help! What am i missing?
  6. i've absolutelly the same problem, freezes at the moment on the picture, i've tried with these options (in clover bootflags): amd -v <default pci shit> -v amd <default pci shit> -v kernel=amd <default pci shit> -v <default pci shit> kernel=amd None of these are working, please help (screenshot: My PC: AMD Athlon II X4 641AMD Radeon HD7770 Gigabyte A75-DS2 4GB of DDR3 RAM 1TB WD + 700GB SAMSUNG HDDs
  7. You got an answer so i'll try my specs maybe someone can get me directions, i'm currently downloading the torrent so in the meanwhile, can i install 10.8.5 ? AMD Athlon II X4 641 QuadCore (Socket FM1) AMD Radeon HD7770 Ghz Edition Gigabyte A75M-DS2 Motherboard with AMD A75 Chipset and Socket FM1 Sound and Ethernet are secondary, i've tried installin 10.8.2 half a year ago and it was a complete disaster so i hope i'll get something out of this one.