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  1. Problem with install on AMD PC (please help)

    Hi! There's no AUTO mode in Init Display First, there are 3 options: PCI, OnBoard, PEG (tried them all, not working). HPET is disabled now, still nothing sadly. But thanks for the help, i hope we'll be able to solve this. No, i can't get to the OSX installer, i reach the darwin interface, type the flags (tried a lot of them), now i'm using: amd64 -v, it tries to load and then black screen I've recorded the process on video so the last lines i get before the black screen is: ACPI Table not found DSDT.ami ACPI Table not found SSDT.amiNot an Intel platform. Restart fix is not applied !!! LoadDrivers [...Extensions.mkext] Read HFS+ [...Extensions.mkext] 4096 bytes Read HFS+ [...Extensions.mkext] 15174552 bytes and then boom, black screen
  2. Problem with install on AMD PC (please help)

    Thanks for the advice, everything is set as you suggested, still pitch black screen, GraphicsEnabler=No didn't help either
  3. Problem with install on AMD PC (please help)

    I'll try, but the motherboards are nowhere near eachother, i don't think i'll manage to get it working with these settings
  4. Problem with install on AMD PC (please help)

    Hi! Here you go: Advenced BIOS Features section: -Load Line Control: Auto -AMD C6 Support: Disabled -Virtualization: Enabled -AMD k8 Cool&Quiet: disabled -C-state Pmin: Auto -EFI CD/DVD Boot Option: NON-EFI -First Boot Device: USB-FDD -HDD SMART: Disabled -Away Mode: Disabled -FullScreen LOGO: Enabled -Init display first: PEG(PCI, not onchip) Integrated Peripherals section: -OnChip SATA: Enabled -OnChip SATA Type: AHCI -Onboard LAN: enabled-Onboard LAN bootrom: disabled -(blablabla, Audio, usb3.0,usb legacy,usb storage,usb controllers enabled) Power Management Setup Section: -Soft-Off by Power button: Instant-Off -USB Wake Up from S3: Enabled -Modem Ring Resume: Disabled -PME Event Wake Up: enabled -HPET Support: enabled -power on by mouse: disabled -power on by keyboard: disabled -AC back function: soft-off -Power-On by Alarm: disabled -ErP Support: disabled
  5. Hi! I've tried installing 10.9.0 on my PC, these are my specs: Motherboard: Gigabyte A75M-DS2 CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 641 (Socket FM1) VGA: AMD Radeon HD7770 RAM: 4GB 1300Mhz(~) HDD: 750GB Samsung SATA BIOS config: AHCI enabled, HPET enabled(no 64bit option, just enable/disable) Successfully reached Niresh start screen, tried these boot flags: amd -v | Returns: RTC: Only single RAM bank (128 bytes), then: SMC: smcinithelper ERROR, then: panic [...] Kernel trap at [...] amdfx -v | Returns: SMC: successfully init, then: warning: invalid kernel ip, won't attempt to handle trap, then: panic [...] Kernel trap at [...] amd64 -v | Returns: 1024x768px blank black screen Then i've tried applying one more bootflag: cpus=1 (Niresh suggested for someone else) Nothing changed, everything stuck at the same point amd -v & amdfx -v > Last line of code where stuck: System uptime in nanoseconds I've attached how it looks like, First image with amdfx -v | Second image with amd -v Please help! What am i missing?
  6. Can't Boot In The Installer

    i've absolutelly the same problem, freezes at the moment on the picture, i've tried with these options (in clover bootflags): amd -v <default pci shit> -v amd <default pci shit> -v kernel=amd <default pci shit> -v <default pci shit> kernel=amd None of these are working, please help (screenshot: My PC: AMD Athlon II X4 641AMD Radeon HD7770 Gigabyte A75-DS2 4GB of DDR3 RAM 1TB WD + 700GB SAMSUNG HDDs
  7. Is Possibel Install Niresh On My Pc?

    You got an answer so i'll try my specs maybe someone can get me directions, i'm currently downloading the torrent so in the meanwhile, can i install 10.8.5 ? AMD Athlon II X4 641 QuadCore (Socket FM1) AMD Radeon HD7770 Ghz Edition Gigabyte A75M-DS2 Motherboard with AMD A75 Chipset and Socket FM1 Sound and Ethernet are secondary, i've tried installin 10.8.2 half a year ago and it was a complete disaster so i hope i'll get something out of this one.