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  1. Work With Amdfx 6100 - Successful Installation.

    i will try it , and i will let you know about this but i have a question about resulation, i use graphicsenabler=no to start my pc then i have not good resulation but i will try it . thanx
  2. Cannot Make A Bootable Usb For Maverick

    try to do from windows if it is possible
  3. Not Able To Use After Installation

    10.9 , you neet to use, i got too same issue but when i tried to intall with latest os , i got any more this error
  4. Work With Amdfx 6100 - Successful Installation.

    anyone can help me with this error. i can just start when i use graphicshenabler=no
  5. Can I Install Niresh On My Pc ?

    you can flow this topic!
  6. Hello guys, i have installed this os on my pc with successful but i just have a little problem and it is my graphics card because when i want to start my pc i get error error with memory bla bla (i will upload a foto soon). but if i start with command(graphicsenabler=no) then it start well. this is mijn pc conf. AMD FX 6100readon 7800 series // not workinggpu8gb ramASRock 960GM/U3S3 FX (CPUSocket)1863GB Hitachi HDS723020BLA642 (SATA) 111GB OCZ-AGILITY3 (SSD)thaks for all.
  7. Can I Install Niresh On My Pc ?

    Installation is comlate with succesfol, i dont kwnow it will freeziat loading or not we will be see Thanx niresh
  8. Can I Install Niresh On My Pc ?

    i wil try it, and i ll let you know result
  9. Can I Install Niresh On My Pc ?

    you can install on this system mac os 10.9 with amdfx kernel.. i just need to fix graphics problem want if i don't start with graphischenabler=no then start not up. Hello guys, I would like to ask you that I can install on my PC Pc conf: AMD FX 6100readon 7800 series gpu8gb ram ASRock 960GM/U3S3 FX (CPUSocket) 1863GB Hitachi HDS723020BLA642 (SATA) 111GB OCZ-AGILITY3 (SSD) it is now possible to install on this system ? thanks all, Sorry for bad English Yasin