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  1. Found this youtube page explaining how to use "Connectify Dispatch Pro" and "Hotspot" with OSX using a virtual machine in vmware fusion..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qeutUAi82o#t=1
  2. if any ya'll do the "APPLE STORE" thing but dont like the idea of giving them a credit card like they ASK for......LISTEN!..you can still make an apple account WITHOUT a credit card....Go ahead and make an account with a legal email address of your choice but dont ever enter and refuse any credit card entries....you will find in the web menus as I found a choice to select a credit card... "NONE" is one of the choices...click this and continue and you will have a APPLE account that will ASK for credit info "That your children should not know" if the event should arise that ANY software from the apple store should ask for permission to install "PAID" software....Since your children should NOT know your credit card info THEN they cannot mistakedly install ANYTHING to cause a BILL on ANY of your credit cards...""Of course this does limit YOUR access to installing software but it does have its way of saving you money""".... 8)
  3. Thanks SO much Niresh for the ISO file.....I Banged my head trying to install mavericks from the DMG and the RAW file but had nothing but trouble with both in Virtualbox to start with then on my dell itself.....Using the ISO burnt to a dual layer disk i was able to install without much trouble in Vbox except for the shutdown prob which i'm still working on but it still continues to boot......I got brave and tried it on the main machine itself and installed without a hitch with only the -v flag.....Everything worked also...Video(ATI Radeon HD 6450 1024mb),,Onboard sound--Ethernet was fine on reboot, without any reboot problems...Updated to 10.9.1 along with other updates after logging into apple store....Fired up Hackstore and loaded up there...All seems well....MB/GPU/CPU temps are nominal...Graphics running solid full screen DVD HD playback in 1440x900x32.....I wish i was financially able to help you out with the cause but i'm on a very fixed income and unemployed...Hope a hearty thank you will do for now....Great work... ***** Machine Stats ***** Dell Dimension e520. Intell Dual Core 1.8ghz x64. 6gig 533mhz ram. ATI Radeon HD 6450 1024mb/ram Pegatron. ASmedia 106x SATA3/USB3 controller---Kingston HyperX 128gig SATA3 SSD---Windows 8.1pro x64---OpenSuSe13.1---BootitBM Boot manager. Seagate SATA3 500gig SpinDrive---Storage. Via SATA/RAID/IDE controller---WD800 IDE ATA 80gig---OSX10.9.1----"for test run of OSXMAV"--Coming out later...Hopefully "Time Machine" does its job. ------------ Installed from USB DVD drive on Intel machine...Definitly a performance increase moving to the main machine.. Used ISO image for Vbox install.---Vbox Graphics are lacking at 3mb vram usable...But only when i installed to the intel did i discover Vbox additions in Mavericks setup.......I pulled a homer...DOH!!!!....Thanks again.. 8) After having time to PLAY with the system i've found graphics display to be an enhanced experience"over windows", Download speeds and net response to be faster, configuration a nightmare "as opposed to windows"-But thats a learning curve, Uses little to low system resources... I'm seriously thinking of making THIS "Apple" MY operating system..multiple boot of course..along with Vbox. 8) **UPDATE*** I made the plunge and installed it to my SSD and I'm very happy with the performance....Actually blowed away my windows 8 installation for this..."I got a backup"...Installed Vmware fusion and was amazed that I can boot my windows8 partition INSIDE OSX from its own drive through bootcamp...Amazing!!..Daddy got a brand new gig!!!...I've wasted my whle life on windows...LOL... OH and I found a page explaining how to run DISPATCH PRO in vmware SHARED thru OSX...NEATO!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qeutUAi82o#t=1