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  1. Hello how can i upgrade my optiplex 760 to work great with yosemite becouse mine is very slow ?. I use 4Gb Ram , intel core duo , 2.13 ghz. hdd 1.5 Tera. I dont understand why my graphic card is showing display 3MB?
  2. Why my Yosemite is very slow? Hello everyone. I tried to install yosemite on my computer Dell Optiplex 760 but seems he is running very slow? I dont know why? Can someone of you help me why that happens and its normal to happen. my computer dual boot with also windows 10. I have two drives. first one i have installed windows 10 which is 160gb. Yosemite i installed on my second hard drive which is 1.5terabyte. Please give me advice what should i change , to improve Ram or graphic card? Please help