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  1. Zone 10.10 Install Help

    Use -v -x boot flags. I have a similar Acer model and it worked. You may need a USB keyboard and mouse to activate the installation but your regular mouse and keyboatd will work as long as the other is plugged in.
  2. Hangs on boot if not using safe boot Hi, I'm new to this forum and installing hackintosh. Ive successfully triple booted my laptop (Acer E1-572) with Windows 10, Ubuntu 16.04 and Yosemite zone. The bootloader doesnt recognize my Ubuntu drive but thats not the issue. My issue is when I try to boot without the -x safe boot flag it hangs. Ive tried various flags (too mant to remember lol) and none has worked. Ive attached a picture of verbose mode without safe boot flag. Thanks! Specs: (what I know at least) 12 GB RAM 750 GB HDD Intel core i3 Intel HD graphics 4000 series