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  1. Glitchy graphics in safari and launchpad

    So I got clover installed finally and I still have the same problem. Could the problem be that I don't have the AppleIntelHD4000 kext file
  2. Glitchy graphics in safari and launchpad

    Is there a secret to getting clover installed with niresh installer? Everytime i try to install it the bootloader doesnt get installed
  3. Glitchy graphics in safari and launchpad

    I deleted everything and going to start over. I am going to try and use clover and see if its any better
  4. Ok guys I usually don't like posting in forums but after a few days of research and not fixing my problem I need some help. I have an I5-3570K with a P8Z77-V LK motherboard and using Intel graphics. Everything is working fine as far as I can tell except safari and launchpad. When I open launchpad it's all good until I click and drag to another page. When I do it gets glitchy and streaky. The same thing happens when I open up safari. I have tried everything I could find including different Intel kext, graphicsenabler and injectintel-ig to name a few. Any help I can get will be great.