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  1. STuck at sound assertion Applehddriver and apple logo I have successful in install on my disk then i boot on my disk , it stuck at 25 or 75% of progress bar When i run with -v :
  2. I'm so sorry Niresh.My first problem is before ,but now ,i stuck at difference step.Please help me.I think you should visit To understand .Thank you so much
  3. Stuck in Hackintosh Logo (Apple logo) I have waited for Loading a long time ,but it still stuck and can't change the desktop .Please help me ,i can't fix it myself.
  4. It's before ,but now, i have stucked in another step .Help me please :(((
  5. Need help ,error while install maverick please help me @@@ i need now Here is my error Debug:
  6. Wait for me 10 minutes ,i wil upload that image . Thank you
  7. Ram 10gb
  8. Error when install Mac OS on PC I meet it when i install Mac Os, it doesn't change screen?? Help me please