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  1. Installation error...

    i tried to install hackintosh on my dcommand r boot to recovery os dell vostro 2520. i followed all the steps one by one but i couldn't fine any option to change "ide to sata in BIOS ".(my BIOS only have few option not like other BIOS,i don't know why) but there is an default option call " sata config : archi mod " so i skipped BIOS option and started installing using my bootable USB pen drive. in the installation process i tried to change the NTFS formate drive to mac drive to install the OS but the system didn't allow me to do that its says " Couldn't modify partition map". i tried all the formates and partition but still can fix it. NOTE: im running windows 10 C: drive and D: drive. so i shrink the drive for mac os. i cant delete and create the new partition in mac installation process because i need my windows C: drive and D: drive. please help me to overcome from this problem. thank you.
  2. Hackintosh 10.10 partition error Hi I tried to install hackintosh im my dell vostro 2520 I followed everything single steps but in my bios I couldn't find any option to change " ide to archi " but in default there is an option call "sata config : archi ". So i skip bios part. (My bios have only few options) and I tried UEFI and Legacy mod. And then i booted hackintosh with my bootable pendrive and tried to creat partition (change partition to mac os type) but the process gives me an error call " couldn't modify the partition map". I tried every single formats but didn't work. So please can you help me to overcome from this problem. thanks

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