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  1. yosemite freezing on install

    Has Yosemite been installed? Or is it during it? Or on boot of the setup? Load verbose mode then post what it freezes at (text). Boot it in verbose by when you are at the bootloader, select your device and type "-v" (without quotes) and post the line at what it stops at. Also could we have your CPU? I don't know what CPU comes with your PC...
  2. Need help with my nVidia Geforce 210

    OK, update - Installed the web drivers on 10.10.1 (Yosemite) and my system definition is MacPro3,1. I don't know if the 210 is supported by the web driver but when loading the launch option after verbose mode my screen goes black and then to sleep. Any ideas?
  3. Need help with my nVidia Geforce 210 Ok, After lots of debugging I booted into Yosemite, to see that internet and my graphics weren't working properly. I managed to fix internet but I cannot use my second monitor or use my first at a stable fps (there is CONSTANT lag) and the backgrounds go really weird (like all pink and green and distorted). How do I fix it? My graphics card is a GeForce 210 and in the settings it lists it as "Unknown graphics card, nVidia" but it lists the correct RAM. I really don't know how to fix this and like what kexts I should edit or download or what drivers.... .I DONT KNOW ANYMORE! XD But seriously help me please. Thanks, - Jago