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  1. After a lot of research, trial and error, and near bricking LOL I found out its not possible at this time. Basically my device, dell 3120, does not have a Bios that will allow it and though due to the works of John Lewis and Matt DeVillier (Mr. Chromebox) it is possible to boot from USB by installing a custom Legacy boot flashing a full rom is necessary to Install windows, and I assume this also applies to OSX. Mr. Chromebox seems to be working on creating compatible roms for Chromebook Bay Trail devices but until then I will have to be happy with Chrome OS... maybe I will dual boot it with Gallium Linux for now.
  2. Awesome, thanks for the reply. I will try it on a chromebook, Dell 3120 with Celeron N2840 cpu, this weekend. Thank you again for your information. I will post if I am successful (in a new thread)
  3. Sorry to hack the thread. But I am also looking to do this with a Bay Trail machine. From the speeds you mentioned you have a N2840? What machine are you using? How does OSX run on it? I am going to try to install using the info and file you posted! Thank you