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  1. TrackPad not working Maverick 10.9.0

    Still says TrackPad not found and only keyboard works.
  2. TrackPad not working Maverick 10.9.0

    There is a small chip that has this written on it. Elan 3320KD-3100 and also a sticker with 130724-01 A B56 REV:2A
  3. I have successfully install OSX Maverick 10.9.0 on my Asus D550CA laptop but i can't get my trackpad to work but the keyboard does. Am using the kext found here; http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1948-elan-touchpad-driver-mac-os-x/ Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  4. Stuck at boot Asus D550CA Maverick 10.9.0

    Close this thread i'll start a new one.
  5. Stuck at boot Asus D550CA Maverick 10.9.0

    I can boot now but there is lots more to do. Ethernet adapter is not detected MousePad is not detected Sounds working but webcam mic is always on Graphics says 64MB but no kext loaded What boot-loader should i use? Thanks for all your help
  6. Stuck at boot Asus D550CA Maverick 10.9.0

    Internet is not working in OSX on my laptop. I'll try deleting the kexts and see what happens. Update, deleting all kext starting with AppleIntel**.kext fix my booting issue. So now what?
  7. Stuck at boot Asus D550CA Maverick 10.9.0

    Am still getting the same error when trying to boot into OSX and i have followed all your steps.
  8. Stuck at boot Asus D550CA Maverick 10.9.0

    I only have one hard drive in my laptop. Do you mean on each partition? if so how do i do that? update i ran chkdsk on the partition i could, here's the result Now it seems only disk 4 (which is named OS) is having problems. its the main OS on my laptop running windows 8.1
  9. I can only boot in safe boot to get into the os. Without the -x flag i get stuck here; Also my Ethernet is not working and i dont know what adapter it have.
  10. AMD FX 6300 OC 4.5GHZ HD 7870 Asus M5A99FX Pro 2.0 I went back to 10.9 for now until there is a better guide for updating
  11. Still stuck on grey screen with spinning beach ball. Could be it missing kexts? Also when i boot in safe boot and then restart this screen flashes
  12. I have updated to 10.9.2 and i get stuck at this grey screen before login; I can only boot with the -x flag (safe boot) i have tried 1 "GraphicsEnabler"="No" -v 2 PCIRootUID=1 -v 3 "GraphicsEnabler"="No" PCIRootUID=1 -v With the same results. Using the -v flag i can't even see the last line well because is flashes so fast but i was able to make a video of it then get a screenshot I follow the guide here prior to updating https://www.hackintosh.zone/forums/topic/1915-successfully-updated-from-1090-to-1092-with-amd-phenom-ii-x4-925/
  13. As the title states, i only have 4MB shared memory in OSX. Is there any fix for this? i know this is not easy considering its an AMD APU.
  14. OS X Maverick 10.9.0 AMD A8 4500M

    Hey Aman what should i try next?
  15. OS X Maverick 10.9.0 AMD A8 4500M

    Yes i boot fine with or without those flags but using "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" give me the last error line in the picture above.