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  1. Can't boot - Even with flags

    Hi I tried to boot with your flags but I get stuck at "Still waiting for root device".
  2. Can't boot - Even with flags

    OMG it was a cat. I hope to get help with my problem but you stuck with my profile picture. Thank you!
  3. Hi guys, I downloaded Niresh's image and wrote it to USB. After I installed Mavericks it says I have to reboot. After rebooting I get a Kernel Panic. I decide to reboot and I get stuck at a white screen with a Apple Logo and after 1 minute a stop sign or something like this appears. I tried to boot with flags but it didn't work. Even -f, -f or -x flags didn't work. SETUP: INTEL i7-4770K GIGABYTE Z87-D3HP NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 770 G.SKILL ARES 1600MHz 16GB RAM Hope you can help me. Greetings c00kie