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  1. Got stuck at boot

    Aman bahi here are the specf DeLL Latitude E5530 w/ i7 Ivy Bridge i7-3520M CPU @ 2.90GHz, HD4000, 500GB Drive Wi-Fi: Intel® Centrino® Ultimate-N 6300 (not working)
  2. Got stuck at boot

    i am able to fix the problem now got following problems 1. display resulation is not correct 2. wifi not working 3. mouse track ball not working
  3. Got stuck at boot

    after installing now get blank screen and voice only about mac os 10, what to do?
  4. Got stuck at boot

    got error still waiting for root device loop when booting with above command when booting with -v only get last console command unknown platform but next i see the graphical window to choose language, so should i go ahead or have to change anything plz help
  5. Got stuck at boot

    Hi, when i boot up from usb i got error invalid partition table, when i press entered it shows up the menu, after that i press entered the apple logo came but after some time it shows small stop icon, and stuck how to fix it? i have dell e5530 thanks