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  1. Mavericks Installation Freeze At 4 Minutes

    I've instaled the mavericks niresh on my X4 955 .. and.. i used the flags /amd -x -v busratio=20 cpus=1 to boot by USB Drive and installed with default config by Niresh. After the installation, my system started normally .. but.. in few minutes its freeze too.. and i needed restart my pc by button. So.. I used the usb again to start the boot of my HD with the same flags but with my HD selected ... and the system start with little freezes.. but could finish the installation .. now its works fine... don't need anything to boot... then.. i think better u follow this steps 1. Boot and install 2. Boot normally without usb drive (Will system will freeze) 3. Restart and use usb to boot your installed system, and wait niresh finish the installation 4. Restart without usb drive and enjoy. 5. embraced us After i updated normally to 10.9.2 version.. and i just have the trouble with Icloud and Imessage I wish it work for you. And I'm sorry, i have a little english
  2. Hackintosh Mavericks

    Can someone do it in a youtube video? I dont know how i do the steps. Thank you!