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  1. Get "No-Signal" after Apple Loading Screen

    @ Yeah, thanks that works, but now there is a second problem. After the cirlce is loading the setup is starting. But after a few seconds the setup freeze. I cant move the mouse or type anything. I'd try to be fast but i only come to the account creation. Any Ideas?
  2. Hello Community, it's my first post, so sorry for my bad english skills ^^. I'd installed Os X 10.9.0 (Mavericks) successful on my AMD based PC. The problem is that i get a "No-Signal" after the Loading circle loads a little bit. ( Hope you unterstand what i mean). I'd try a lot of flags like: -v amdfx , GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No , PICRootUID=1 ... I'd also try to change to HDMI ( Currently DVI ) , but nothing of both wont work. My System: AMD Athlon || X2 270 Processor 3.40 GHz 4gb Ram NVIDIA Geforce gt 630 4GB Realtek PCI GBE Family Controller If you need more just aks me. Hope for help... thanks ^^