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  1. All fine, but monitor res. Need Hackintosher pro :D

    OKOKOK Got colors to work! BUT: Resolution went to: 1024 x 768 VRaM: 64 MB of shared HD 3000 mobile Itts Mavericks 10.9 by the way
  2. All fine, but monitor res. Need Hackintosher pro :D

    Well I got latest version from but It does not boot on mavericks. everything stays blank after hitting enter on Mavericks.
  3. All fine, but monitor res. Need Hackintosher pro :D

    HUmmmm not exactly sure how to do it! Just download and install Clover v2K ? from the downloads?
  4. All fine, but monitor res. Need Hackintosher pro :D

    Monitor res and HD3000 are recognized, but none seems to work. take a look how it is displaying, with a reddish color and awkward res.
  5. Hey Guys! I own a Alienware M14x R1. (Sometimes I need MacOS to work...) It´s a i7 Ivy Bridg with HD 3000 and Nvidia GT555M. The install went well with bootflags: Ivy - x -v Fast like hell in using my primary SSD in a 30gb partition MBR. (Hell of a job Niresh and team!) Sound, ok with voodo dirives. Ethernet, ok Usbs, ok (not sure 3.0) Wifi, Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 = No success. BUT the main issue is the video: it is stuck in a weird resolution, not the monitor primary 1600x900. Actually Unusable. I've tried installing HD3000 and HD4000 drivers for Mavericks Changing res on chamelion.list inside the EXTRA folder. none workded. Any ideias what to try next? Maybe re-installing as MacMini 5.1 ? Any know DSDT ? Thanks! Best Regards, Alan

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