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  1. HELP Install failed

    Solved... kinda I found a hard drive with niresh on it and I used that to make a unibeast mavericks usb for my main hard drive the install worked great but I still can't get niresh to work on my main hard drive just the unibeast install.
  2. HELP Install failed

  3. HELP Install failed

    My mavericks install keeps failing it says the install ran into a problem at 23 minutes remaining. I know Niresh Is compatible with my computer because I installed Niresh Mavericks before then I switched to linux now I want to go back to Niresh Mavericks. I have tried installing from a usb, installing from a disk, and trying another hard drive. Computer Specs: Motherboard:asus Z87 pro series Graphics card: nvidia Gefore 650g Processor: Intel core i7 latest generation Ram: 8gb ddr3 RAM Boot flags tried:-x, -v, GraphicsEnabler=Yes, GraphicsEnabler=No Thanks for helping in advance!