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  1. Stuck At Vm Swap Subsystem Is On!

    I've finally booted into Mavericks flawlessly.But I wasn't using Niresh's Maverick, Unibeast instead, as I tot it was the USB Installer's problem.Just sharing what I did as I think it might worth a try.I guessed the problem is caused by the HDD MBR partition together with the Windows 7 running on the same hdd. So I downloaded and replaced the modified OSInstall.mpkg and OSInstall framework from here: http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/08/mountain-lion-mbr-unibeast.html In Bios, disabled intel vt-d (Intel Virtualization Tech). Repartitioned my hdd, but still MBR as I've already replaced with the modified version. Then boot installation USB and Mavericks HDD with -x, signed in to Mavericks, ran multibeast and OS booted successfully after that. =)My PC: DELL XPS 8500 i7 2600, 8GB Ram, Nvidia GT640, Seagate 2TB.
  2. Stuck At Vm Swap Subsystem Is On!

    Hi, just wanna check with you guys who're having the VM Swap Subsystem ON problem.Are you guys installing the OS on MBR (Master Boot Record) hard drive? I'm suspecting its caused by the MBR Partition Table.
  3. Stuck At Vm Swap Subsystem Is On!

    I've tried this method using MacDrive, doesn't work either..