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  1. [Solved] Can't find /mach_kernel

    same thing
  2. [Solved] Can't find /mach_kernel

    Thanks in advance, I know that I realy annoying you with this. Sorry I tried to use "Insert other media" option
  3. [Solved] Can't find /mach_kernel

    Unfortunately it didn't. And the blog doesn't allow Dropbox or google drive links, can I send you the picture on email
  4. [Solved] Can't find /mach_kernel

    I know that, I do using Chameleon wizard under Boot Flags tab. The second one Kernel = /System/Library/Kernels/kernel made the boot process crash and restart
  5. [Solved] Can't find /mach_kernel

    It shows after installation. After set Kernel flag = kernel same error appears with message "can't find /kernel"
  6. Can't find /mach_kernel I got "Can't find /mach_kernel" when trying to boot from HDD. Using Chameleon bootloader, it was working fine yesterday, but today it didn't and even after I do a new clean installation of Sierra zone. My device specs are: HP pavilion dv6-6c01ej intel i3-2350M 8 GB rams AMD Radeon HD 7470M Edited because of typo, user used mach_kernal instead of mach_kernel
  7. Intel HD 3000 kexts Sierra?

    Yes, as Niresh said it's enough for Intel HD3000, working on HP pavilion dv6. But the HDMI port is not working.
  8. Installation error

    Installation error Hello, I had this error while installing Sierra zone "An error occurred while running scripts from the package graphicenabler.pkg" Disabling GraphicEnabler would cause another error with "Audio.pkg"
  9. Niresh Yosemite

    1st, thanks a lot for your work. 2nd, I install it before 6 months on my HP Pavilion dv6 and it worked fine, but when I try to install it now the bootloader stuck with a slash / in Black Background. I re-downloaded the DMG file (version 10.10.1) again, reset my Bios but nothing work. Please help Thanks in advance Ala'a M. Taha