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  1. EL Capitan USB Audio Problem

    Ravyjr thank you this solution work for me to...thanks a lot
  2. EL Capitan USB Audio Problem Hey guys i have new problem I just realised that my USB Audio interface as my default device and now i don't know what to do to fix it...I see on the internet that is a bug with official El Capitan release..So guys anyone know how to fix this problem? And one more thing i still have problem with my AMD R7 360 graphics i use yosemite and now i install El Capitan in hope that El Capitan will fix my problem with graphics but no so if anyone can help me with that problem I'd be grateful btw i know about AMD8000 Controller.kext and AMDX4000.kext but i tried to install it and kext are installed but graphics is still no working
  3. AMD R7 360 problem

    AMD R7 360 problem Hey guys i have problem with my graphics driver i use AMD R7 360 graphics card and i can't install kext for it...I know that AMD8000 Controller and AMDX4000 should work for my graphics but it won't work i tried install kext with Kext Wizard and app said that kext are install but nothing heaping with my graphics it still on low resolution 1024x768 and it laggy..Can you guys help me? i really don't know what to do,Everything else is working perfect only problem is graphics i hope you guys find solution for my problem
  4. AMD R7 260 X - KemalALKIN - EL CAPITAN 10.11.2

    Not working for me :/