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    cracking repairing and "hacking" and when all is said and done scottch 15 year old minimum
  1. Hello all , what fallows is my guide/Blog for installing Mountain lion 10.8.5 niresh (for now) and Windows 8.1 pro (fully uptodate) on my Sony Vaio VPCEB43FD (pearl white ) laptop. (this blog has been edited since i started on osx 10.8.2) the specs areBios ver R1140Y8 ME i3-m380 intel 2.51 TB hdd with 64 meg catch 8 gigs of DDR3 ram Intel HD for video first Gen graphics (only have CL working right now have to edit my dsdt first) Intel Wi-Fi card (i already know thats not going to work ) Marvel Yukon 88E8059 (loaded with edited kext) network .my mainboard is Sony/Foxconn for what i can tell and all Intel chipsets. here is the web link to my module minus a few updates http://www.docs.sony...43FDWI_mksp.Audio/(voodoo 2.8.4 )/video( intel hd first gen CL for 10.8.5)/ ethernet network (edited appleyukon) i like to use kext wizard my self10 repair permission and rebuild the catch (REALTEK)11 install your wifi Dongale (you might have to change you security setting to allow for unauthorized software )rebootyou should now have a rocking machine with all the bells and whisles !! just have to get full QECL working/card reader//hdmi(in my dreams) / and vga out (just to have it i also updated off the apple store updates with no issues or extra scrips i am dual booting right now with osx and win8i hope this helps someone with there install ill be uploading photos i took during lastnight install thanks all
  2. White Screen, After Successful Installation

    try booting -x in single user mode and backup all your graphics kext
  3. White Screen, After Successful Installation

    if your useing intel graffics it might be your frame buffer kext
  4. White Screen With Cursor

    You can't cause it's just halts or you can't type -x
  5. White Screen With Cursor

    Can you boot with -x
  6. Dvd Or Usb

    . Yeah burned to dl not boot on its own, used niresh 10.8.2 DVD since I had it there used it to load bootloader replaced the DVD for the 10.8.5 dl hit f5 and got it to boot just fine
  7. Dvd Or Usb

    it wont fit on a 4.7 dvd so it will have to go on a dl dvd i burning one right now to test as i cant use usb on my load