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  1. Help install mac on HP Pavilion 15-ab144cy

    I have HP Pavilion 15 P202NE , I downloaded Yosemite-zone.dmg but I am struck at apple logo (white screen)
  2. Hackintosh Yosemite

    Hey Sir, Nieresh,, I have been heard that this hackintosh (Yosemite-Zone) is working perfectly... I also downloaded it but due to lack of knowledge I was unable to install it, my problem was with booting into setup... the grey-white screen with apple logo... I cant pass it... I tried these -v , -x , -f , -s , GraphicsEnabler=No , GraphicsEnabler=1 , PCIRootUID=1 , UseKernelCache=yes, CPUS=1 , IGPEnabler=yes , npci=0x2000 , ncpi=0x3000, -force64 , but nothing worked.... plz help me I spent hours to download that......and I am a big fan of OSX.. My Specs Are HP Pavilion 15 P202NE CPU : Intel Core i5 5th Gen E5200U 2.2GHz Turbo 2.7GHz RAM : 6GB DDR3 1600MHz GPU : Nvidia Geforce 840M , Intel HD Graphics 5500 BIOS : HP Insydeh20 f.43 HDD : SATA 5400RPM 1TB