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  1. Mac OS Sierra Wont boot for install (stuck at clover screen)

    hi Mr. Kingmaker, i quit installation of sierra and started installation of high sierra from your bootable dmg file using usb. Now, mostly everything works except graphics as i had mentioned in my earleir post, it is nvidia geforce 315m 1GB and also it says CUDA support in the documentation of my laptop. my laptop is from samsung and has HM55 chipset along with intel core i3 380M 1st gen processor which by itself has intel hd graphics. but unfortunately it is disabled and only nvidia graphics shows up since there is no option for disabling graphics in bios menu. so i have successfully installed hackintosh zone high sierra almost everything works fine except graphics. it shows in about my mac that samsung geforce 315m 1024mb but the native screen resolution is not present and gpu acceleration is also not there, and that is why screen is behaving as glitch to mouse cursor. my wifi has been removed and i use usb wifi dongle. i have no problem with wifi. could you please help me out with the graphics and acceleration. Please?? thanks in advance. !! ☺☺
  2. Mac OS Sierra Wont boot for install (stuck at clover screen) Hi, I am fairly a new user of hackintosh. I have very little idea about hackintoshes, so I had followed your guide on "how to install hackintosh zone sierra", curtesy-niresh. now as per your guide requirements, my processor is intel core i3 M380 which supports both sse4.1 and sse4.2, and I have 8GB of RAM and 500GB of storage space, NVidia M315 1GB graphics card, realtek Ethernet and usb wifi dongle for my wireless use as well and the system is quite an old one. I used the pkg file provided on your site to restore the hackintosh zone sierra dmg file which was downloaded as a torrent file from your site using utorrent sotware to my 8GB pen drive. But the problem I am facing is that whenever I try to boot the usb disk (sierra) then it gets stuck at the clover menu and doesn't move further, a black screen shows and nothing else for around 20 minutes and continues to be like that. I am running windows 10 pro 64bit and installed on an uefi bios and on a gpt partitioning scheme. my computer does not have safe boot option and I plan to install mac os sierra as a dual boot system on my laptop, its a Samsung laptop. I have tried so far numerous boot arguments but the booting process does not stay and reboots quickly after checking the CPU and memory information as it shows in the command prompt. Here if I had the boot screen(language selection of mac os sierra) come in front of my screen then I would be very grateful to you. Plz help me to thank you for a 1000 times. With Regards, Gourab Mahapatra