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  1. Lenovo Yoga 710

    Lenovo Yoga 710 Hello, i am just here to ask, if this laptop will work for Hackintosh: Specs: i7-6800U NVIDIA GeForce GTX 940MX 8GB Ram 256 GB SSD The main question is the NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 940MX.. So could someone tell me if it will be working ? Thanks, Marek.
  2. Stuck at apple logo

    Stuck at apple logo Hi, i wanted to make a hackintosh, so i made the boot usb and booted into the Installation. Then i press enter at the Yosemite Zone option, and it shows up the Apple Logo. Could someone help me? I tried many different flags but it just stays at White Screen with the Grey Apple logo. If someone could help me i would really appreaciate that. EDIT: So, i set up the bios to do the "Uefi Boot" instead "CSM Boot" And put the USB way high up on the boot list so it will boot up the USB. Now, this shows up:So i click the OS X Option. And now... I am stuck at the same point but with black background and white apple logo...