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  1. Will this work?

    Will this work? Hello, i have a hp laptop with a a10-9600p with r5 graphics along with 4gb of ram. and i need to know if i can run yosemite without any issues. please help, or any mac os RadientGamer
  2. Cant install yosemite on dell optiplex 760 Hello, i have recently decided to make my dell optiplex 760 with Yosemite. i did the bootable flash drive with trans mac on windows 10. i usse to have plain old vga moniter, then someone told me i had to have a dvi or higher. so i got a DVI-D moniter. then i was not able to go to the install screen. i had a menu of couple of options. Installer Yosemite and my windows ntfs and system reserved. after clicking enter on installer Yosemite it rebooted my dell optiplex 760. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hackintosh Yosemite

    i was not able to install it on my dell optiplex 760, I'm not sure why. I ran it off USB and I click Yosemite installer, right below it was my windows 10 partition, that said NTFS something. i cannot launch the installer it keeps rebooting. please help.