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  1. Mouse & Keyboard not working

    I created fresh install deleted this kext and it work keyboard and mous is ok but on install i have errors nvidia.pkg when unchecked this i have audio.pkg error. Installer Log:
  2. Mouse & Keyboard not working

    @Niresh When im delete this kext's keyboard fully working (with numpad) but mouse still not. The laser works but the cursor does not. (In enoch) Clover boot totally not working keyboard and mouse
  3. Mouse & Keyboard not working

    @Niresh When i tried clover not booting with this -x flag don't work. Video from -v
  4. Mouse & Keyboard not working

    i put usb fix to /System/Library/Extensions and kernel to /System/Library/Kernel without this fixes not booting. Keyboard working partially (numpad not working). Mouse The light is on but the cursor does not move. In -v everything is ok. How to boot clover? Default boot in enoch.
  5. Mouse & Keyboard not working I boot to installer sierra but mouse and keyboard not working. I applied this fix but still not working, boot arg: Kernel=amd -v npci=0x2000 UseKernelCache=No (without this not starting).I plug to usb2.0/3.0. flag USBBusFix It also does not work PC spec: AMD FX 4130 MSI 970A-G43 GTX 750