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  1. It's not that the dmg file is corrupt...Try using an external hard disk instead of a USB flash drive, You can just partition a small section of the drive about 10gb will do, format it to mac os extended journaled (To do this u have to boot with the usb flash drive that didn't work before just to gain access to the disk utility). After formatting the hard drive click on the Niresh drive from the flash (It'll be on the left collumn) and click restore, restore the dmg to your newly partitioned hard drive.....After restoring is complete just boot with it again minus the flash drive and install as you wish. GOOD LUCK !!!!
  2. HA!! Finally got it to finish and am now enjoying Mavericks on my PC along with Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu........turns out installing from USB was slow n problematic, Great work here
  3. I would love to try Mavericks on my Laptop, But only problem is after setting up everything right i get stuck at a loop between 22 minutes of installation to 17 minutes....I left the installation running all night but no progress for me, this is the fourth time i've tried installing Niresh Maverick with no success. Any help or info on how to do this successfully??..................I REALLY NEED TO GET THIS UP AND RUNNING. 3gb ram, ATI 4000 series HD 2.6 speed processor or whatever. Dual core, previously running Snow Leopard flawlessly