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  1. 64 bit bro. i cant boot, maybe my graphics card is not supported?
  2. Sir i tried every single Boot flags it always go to black screen. My bootloader is bootcd amd.iso 10.8.3. Does it make any difference in the bootloader? Maybe my graphics card is not supported by niresh ml2 sir? My specs are: Amd athlon 64 x2 dual core 2.1ghz 4gig ram Ati radeon hd 3200graphics 256mb Thanks sir
  3. Ati radeon hd 3200 graphics. Its goes to black sreen no matter what boot flags i type. Thanks for the reply
  4. Sir i already tried amd -v usekernelcache=no graphicsenabler=no. Still didnt work it gows black screen
  5. please help i cant start the installation of niresh ml2 beacuse when i type boot flags after a while i goes black screen, i tried many boot flags but it doesnt work ("Kernel Cache"=amd -v arch i386 busratio=20) my specs: amd athlon 64 x2 2.1 ghz dual core 4 gig ram ati radeon hd graphics 256 mb up to 1919 hypermemory thanks guys
  6. good day guys i can't start the installation of ML@ because it goes to black screen everytime i put boot flags boot flags are "Kernel Cache"=amd -v busratio=13 cpus=1 specs amd athlon 64 dual core 4 gig ram 256 vid card ati hd radeon graphics hypermemory 1919 thanks guys