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  1. can only boot using -f boot flag Hi Installed yosemite-zone on my lenvo u430 running i7 4th gen with intel hd4400 and Nvidia 730m and 250ssdI everything works file but when i try to reboot i have to enter -f flag else it wont I can also boot into safe mode using -v -x PCIRootUID=0 graphicsEnabler=No (safe mode) any other flag wont boot. if this can be fixed that would be great. thanks a lot
  2. yosemite zone early reboot after installation Hi there I have Lenovo u430 running i7 4th gen with Intel HD 4400 and NVidia 730m and 250 ssd its the touch screen version I installed yosemite zone but was not able to reboot only when i used -f boot flag i could not fixed and i still dont know how to fix it. I decided to dowonload Niresh yosemite zone and i managed to get the first part of the installation but when i try complete the second part of the installation i reboot insantly or known as eary reboot. and there is no way that i can replace the kernel as the kernel file does not exist.. the fiels that exist are boot0 , boot1 boot 2 boot 3 then you have other files. because its yosemite-zone its not .app filed i cant locate the kernel .i.e /System/Library/kernel etc . i tried the following boot flags, -v -x, PCIRootuid=1 or 0 Graphics enabler = No/yes and many other boot flags but it just show the yosemite zone logo and reboots Any help please
  3. cant install yosemite on lenovo u430 touch HI there I tried to install yosemite zone on my lenovo u430 running Intel® Core™ i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz × 4 and GeForce GT 730M/PCIe/SSE2 with intel hd more details can be found @ basically i create bootable us using transmac on windows, then i plugged it in to my lenovo when i got to the boot loader or the installer if its called like that, i pressed enter and it show something to do with iobluetoothhcicontroller start completed. I googled this and i tried many boot flags such -v and GraphicsENabler yes/no etc, there is no boot-flag that i have not tried. above this error it says Diskps2 undefined 4 or 5 times. i belive this is something to do with graphics ( i am not sure) Please please if can someone help me wiht this, or if someone has faced this problem before please let me know. I had windows 8.1 when i tried to install this but now i installed ubuntu. thanks in advance