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  1. If so you can not install MAC, replace it with new mainboard which support stock sample Intel Core i3-540
  2. my CPU does not have the option AHCI. are you sure?, i see your mainboard support sata that means it will have AHCI to config. "Confgure Sata As" -> AHCI
  3. You make sure XHCI mode set to auto instead of Smart auto, XHCI hand-off and EHCI hand-off must be enabled
  4. You try boot with USB and going to Utilities -> Disk Utility to format partition for MAC. You will see partition to install
  5. Using transmac to format for mac. next, restore image to USB
  6. Have you got the installation screen or you don't see your hard disk while booting with USB?
  7. Not bad sectors but there will be problem while reset many times on hard disk, you should backup data and recreate partitions.
  8. Reformat and Recreate usb installer
  9. You can try my suggestion: I think that there are USB vs Hard disk. it was bad sector therefore, it can not access to install. You can use any partition tool to fix it like Acronis Disk Director home in Hiren BOOT, then format USB and Hard disk. Recreate usb installer Good Luck
  10. booting with -v -s npci=0x2000
  11. You should have some messages about your problem.
  12. Having problem with your usb, you using hiren boot cd to format it. then restoring image to usb again.