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  1. Hi, I would like to know that is there any tools is available for CPU Power Management for AMD CPU?
  2. Fix PCI Configuration Begin Error 10.9.2 Mavericks

    Can you please reupload the file again?
  3. Awesome and very helpful guide. Thank you Man. I hope all of the solution will work for all
  4. Can't Login iCould

    Hi, I am using now 10.9.1 Mavericks on my AMD Machine and everything is working perfectly without just the iCloud. When I tried to log in iCloud using my Apple ID it's all time show that try again later message and even I can create a new Apple ID if I click Create New Apple ID below the iCloud option on Preferences. Can anyone please help me about this? Is this just for me or anyone more facing the same issue? Thanks, Sumon Khan
  5. [Solved]Installing Mac Osx 10.9 On Amd Fx 8120

    Hi, What version you're trying to install? I am using AMD FX 8120 too and mine is working fine. I'm now running Mavericks 10.9.1. And if possible then take a photo with your phone and attach it here too. It will more easier for us!
  6. Freeze At The End Of The Process

    You don't have to write the following command on Terminal. Just boot with the following command when you'll run you PC. That's it
  7. Hi, I am now running Niresh 10.9.0 and I updated from App Store to 10.9.1. Everything is working fine for me. But, I installed Adobe Master Collection CS6 and none of Adobe Program run for me. After Run any Adobe Program the Adobe Splash loading screen came and just disappear. None of any error message too. I search on Google and see that lot of people's facing the same issue on Mavericks. Do you guys know how to fix that? It will be help me a lot
  8. 10.9.1 Upgrade Audio Not Working After

    You should replace the sound kext I think. I read about it on tonymac forum. I updated 10.9 to 10.9.1 to saw your post and everything is working for me. Not even a single scratch
  9. Today I installed successfully and I had the simillar issue. Just Restart your PC and Boot with the following command: "-f" (Minus quotes). Everything will works fine.
  10. VoodoHDa hackint0sh

    How to Uninstall the old one Voodohda then?
  11. Voodoohda Hackint0Sh (Audio Fix)

    Hi, Could you please give a Guide for installation process? How may I remove the old Voodoohda and how may I install it now?
  12. Freeze At The End Of The Process

    Now waiting for Mavericks 10.9.1
  13. Freeze At The End Of The Process

    Hi Brother, You've saved me. Now everything working perfectly. I'm now using full featured Mavericks. I'm really grateful to you. By the way, what actually does -f and should I need to put it all time?
  14. Sorry man. It was mistake
  15. Laptop No Wifi - Keyboard And Mouse Freezes

    Why USBBusFix=Yes isn't working for me. Can anyone please help me? I'm using Mavericks