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  1. please remove remove your ram sticks and leave one in port and try to install if it installs then insert the removed ram sticks You could also try using this boot flag : maxmem=4096
  2. when i try to install it stucks in page if i use npci=0x2000,3000 it reboots the pc sorry npci=0x3000
  3. Yosemite install error I restored yosemitezone.dmg with transmac in sandisk cruzer switch (16gb)when i booted into the usb and selected yosemite zone but it stucks at a page (attached below ) pls me to solve my error CPU:intel pentium dual core e5400 gpu:intel g41 chipset boot flags tried:cpus=1,npci=ox2000,0x3000,maxmen=4096,graphics enabler,
  4. best use a clover bootloader if you have only windows use cvad's bootdisk utility to create clover usb http://cvad-mac.narod.ru/index/bootdiskutility_exe/0-5 just download the boot disk utility and enjoy mac
  5. i am also having same issue i will post the answer here when i get the proper answer
  6. is it rebooting and entering windows
  7. can i install yosemite zone in dell vostro 230 can i install yosemite zone in dell vostro 230 CPU:INTEL PENTIUM DUAL CORE E5400 GPU:GMA X4500 I DIDNT NEED GRAPHIS ACCELERATION ONLY DISPLAY