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  1. Can I run EL Capitan 10.11 on this hardware? I have the following hardware: AMD A10 6700 3.7GHz 4.2GHz boost 12GB DDR3 1600MHz Gigabyte ga-f2a55m-ds2 FM2 GeForce GTX 745 4GB 120GB Toshiba Q300 SSD 2 x 500GB WD Black in RAID-0 (striped in Windows, will do the same in OS X since the AMD RAID controller hates me) Can I run EL Capitan 10.11 on this hardware? If I can, what bootflags do I need to use? I am not planning to do dual-booting since I am going to do LoL video creation and Mac is great for video creation and Photoshop stuff.

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