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  1. Edit: it is an seperate gpu of 256MB i was wrong with that
  2. Hello all i have completed the installation of niresh mavericks 10.9.0 but i only do have 3mb of vram and it is a bit slow XD im typing this from my notebook where i try to get the graphics work i have looked almost everywhere on google but i can't find any kext files for my specific intergraded graphic card here are my specs: AMD E-350 1.6Ghz 6gb ram AMD radeon HD 6310 128mb 500gb hdd rtl8192se wifi card (need help with this to) it even is compatible with trackpad and camera and keyboard and so on but not with my graphics can someone please help me with this? sound doesn't work also but don't know the name of Audio i need to take apart my notebook someday for that maybe tomorrow by the way it does recognizes the full 6gb of ram Really thanks to niresh i finally got so far i tried a time ago to do this and then it didn't work but now it almost does! if someone can help me thanks