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  1. Best Mac OS X version for my laptop? (and some help with installation) Hi, so firstly I wanna say, yes title is a little bit weird maybe for someone. But I actually already tried to install Mac OS X Yosemite on my laptop but I wasn't sure if that's the best version I can get for me laptop or maybe I need to use older version. My Laptop Specs : Model : HP Compaq 6720s CPU : Intel Celeron CPU 550 RAM : 3GB GPU : Intel GMA965/Intel X3100 or Intel 965 Express Family Chipset or something (my GPU has a lot of names) So, I read that last supported version for my GPU was Mountain Lion or Snow Leopard but some people used Yosemite too. So I tried to use that, I downloaded it (yes, not from Mac App Store) but to fix that (that I didin't used Mac App Store) I wanted to use VirtualBox to install Yosemite on there and then download it from Mac App Store but problem is that I have 32-bit Windows Installed on my computer but when I watched the tutorial for Yosemite installation on VirtualBox it told that use need to use 64-bit. So I wanted to ask, is there another way for 32-bit users to make Yosemite bootable USB? I tried to use TransMac, Win32DiskImager programs but they didin't work.