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  1. OSX shutdown fix led to KP in safe mode

    I installed the osx shutdown fix, the kernel and system caches updated (didn't run this) and used it to reinstall fakesmc and hwmonitor. will you tell me what you have selected while installing Slytherin ... At the same time I linked my SMBIOS and DSDT.aml directly in my boot.plist. They had both been in the extra folder for a while, I just wanted them directly called out in the boot.plist. I restarted and it started fine (after previously having repeated times of the problem I've been trying to fix. I then ran the OSX shutdown fix, it automatically restarted my computer. This resulted in that same "typical error" that I was trying to fix (iobluetoothhostcontrollerusttransport -interrupt read handler - received kiousbhighspeedspliterror. ) I then rebooted in safe mode like normal and received the above kernel panic. I tried a variety of other bootflags with -x and all resulted in the same issue. It does not panic in normal mode, just doesn't boot past the above mentioned point. From clover, i was able to boot it up in normal and safe modes. Strangely enough, I just got it to boot from chameleon completely with -s and only exiting. (which doesn't make any sense to me, and this was directly after trying it in safemode and having the same kernel panic happen.) When I look at the kernel panic log, it traces back to the appleSMC kext, but it states that fakesmc had already been loaded) Backtrace continues... Kernel Extensions in backtrace:[6FA91D9F-0745-3E0C-884B-CB1489A21F25]@0xffffff7f81649000->0xffffff7f8165dfff dependency:[045D5D6F-AD1E-36DB-A249-A346E2B48E54]@0xffffff7f81081000 So, I jumped to the conclusion that it was the osx shutdown fix. AFter rebooting, setting the shutdown fix to default and reading as to what the shutdown fix actually does, it seems quite unlikely that it caused my issues. So, i'm curious what the systems cache updater does (and where it installed to, and whether I can remove that)
  2. Hi everyone... I've been having a delayed shutdown even after using the pjalm custom dsdt... Board is gigabytes z87x-ud7-th, with a 4770k... Used the osx shutdown tool once, and it is giving me some very crazy safe mode problems when booting from chameleon. I am able to boot the same drive from clover though. My goal is to just undo whatever that misplaced click managed to do. Since I can boot into the system, I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction how to undo it. Thanks!