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  1. Need Help...Stuck At Apple logo after install (Maverick)

    So I found the problem!!!...I jus needed to update my motherboard's bios and everything works fine so far...not been able to get on the net as yet tho.
  2. Need Help...Stuck At Apple logo after install (Maverick)

    @ I should have mentioned tht I partitioned my hard drive And is currently running windows 7 on it
  3. My Build : Intel dz77bh-55k Motherboard Intel ® i5 2500k Processor Msi nvidia n210 1gb Graphics Card 3 4gb kingston ddr3 Memory 2Tb Harddrive Mbox2 is what I use from My Audio I have Installed Maverick many times over trying to zero in on the first install..when the osx booted first I got a kernel panic about the power sure what to do I read up a few forums and re installed it enabling the disabler kext and nullcpupower kext after re-installing the osx..maverick does not boot i am stuck at the Apple logo for first boot into Osx. I have tried a few flags and nothings seems to work...any ideas???????? really wanna get this up and running if it can. what do u think? @Deepak @