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  1. Step 1) Make a Partition in windows partiton manager. DONT FORMAT IT! Step 2) Get GParted and put it on an extra CD/DVD or USB Step 3) Boot GParted and when it opens just wait and use all the defaults. Step 4) In GParted format your partition in hfs+ Step 5) Go back in windows and put the dmg on the USB (Find a tutorial to do this is TransMac) Step 6) Reboot your pc and boot your USB. Step 7) When at the "Choose your disc to install" go to the top, Press Utilities and then Disk Utility Step 8) Click your partition for OS X and goto the top and press File then Enable Journaling Step 9) Close Disk Utility and choose your OS X partition Step 10) Done (Im looking for a boot manager tho like grub.)