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  1. Hello, I'm having a problem that is preventing me from moving on to the installation step of hackintosh zone high sierra. The boot gets stuck in the commands below: {Date & Time} MacBook-Air.local [1] ( <Notice>: Service only ran for 0 seconds. pushing respawn out by 10 second. {Date & Time} MacBook-Air.local [1] <Error>: Host-level exception raised: pid = 713, thread = 0xb1e7, exception type = 0xd, codes = {0}, states = {0} The second command blinks. My notebook is: Samsung Expert x23 Processor i5 Intel HD Graphics 5500, Nvidia Gerforce 910M 8GB RAM The BIOS of this notebook is not very advanced. There are not many options to configure I'm sorry for my English, I used the translator help me please. I love this operating system.