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  1. 10.9.3 Kernel Panic

    Use this guide
  2. After 10.9.3 (Kernel Panic)

    Thanks that helped me
  3. Maverics Lagging, frezing and slow

    Ok, put this in the flags-v and then capture the screen
  4. Well today I encounter a problem after updating to 10.9.3 with kernel panic.I can not start with-x or anything. Please I need your help! Also try to repair permissions via Disk Utility usb Niresh 1 2
  5. Maverics Lagging, frezing and slow

    happens when you start normal?
  6. Maverics Lagging, frezing and slow

    obviously this so that it is running in the flag-x
  7. Sound problem try this ?
  8. Graphic Card causes system freeze

    maybe this can help u Freezefix
  9. Wifi Card DWA-525

    where I can get this card kexts for wifi? DWA-525 -10.9.2
  10. I am having problems with my graphics card, this is me freezing the screen but the mouse can move forcing me to give reboot I can do? My Spec's: GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1536 MB OS X 10.9.2 3.09 GHz Intel Core i5 8 GB MacPro5,1 Asus P8b75-v LGA 1155 Intel
  11. imageboot_mount_image the problem is that I installed 2.2.1 chimera as bootloader, then you change the boot image of the chimera of apple now I get this as it may turn back, I have very important things there and I do not want to lose
  12. Help debugger called panic
  13. EVGA Geforce 550 TI ASUS P8B75-V LGA 1155 Intel Realtek 8111E Help?