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  1. Nearly Success! AMD Phenom on 10.8.5

    Hello, did you find out, how to fix this problem? I've got a similar Problem with my Hackintosh. I installed from Niresh CD Mountain Lion 10.8.5 , and it's allmost working fine, except the audio. I allready tried out different Versions of Voodoo HDA, but nothing helps. Every time, I'm watching a film, after one or two secconds the sound starts to stutter, it's really horrible. but the strange thing is, when I'm moving the USB-mouse round and round, the sound is ok - funny, isn't it. Does anyone have an idea, how to solve this Problem? My System: Motherboard: M4A88T-M/USB3 CPU: Phenom II x4 840 6 GB RAM OnBoard-Sound: VIA VT1708S Graphics: NVidia Geforce 210 USB-Keyboard & USB-Mouse (PS2 isn't working)