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  1. Can't boot into installer

    How can this be fixed? This is happening to me as-well wtf.
  2. YOSEMITE BOOTING UP HELP PLEASE THIS IS MY PC! PC: 4GB TO 8GB (I added 4gb myself) The graphics card that came with the pc, i changed to a gt 610 Hey, This may seem like a easy error for some, but I can't manage to get past this error. What happens is: I install the dmg files onto my usb using transmac. Go to computer, set it to ACHi, and set my usb to first boot. This is legit what happens: As soon as i click enter, i see a black screen few seconds after i see: Boot0: test Boot0: Done This happens so fast that I had to record it and playback my recording to see it. After this, i see "/" with a a underscore under it, and it just flashes the entire time. I installed this same thing onto a laptop and it worked. Thanks.