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  1. Kernel Panic with voodooHDA - ASUS K451LB Laptop I installed Yosemite on my asus k451lb laptop. It has 4200u i5 processor (haswell), intel 4400 and nVidia 740m graphics, ALC233 audio. I installed with /haswell -no-zp bootflags. otherwise a kernel panic would happen where the microphone somehow starts to relay sound to the speakers Now after installation,whenever I install voodooHDA I get same kind of kernel panic. If I use safe mode then I can login, but there's no sound. Only if I remove the voodooHDA kext I can boot normally (no sound). I tried AppleHDA kexts,they dont work. If I add usb sound devices after booting, they work. But if i add them before booting, I get kernel panic . If anyone is interested in helping me, I can provide more information. Regards.